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How to Stay Healthy During Quarantine

During the COVID-19 quarantine, it is very easy to stay cooped up in your houses or apartments. You need to remember that it is important to go outside and get some exercise so that you can keep your body healthy. Especially during these unprecedented times, we need to look after our health. Also, being inside and having a monotonous lifestyle can lead to higher numbers of negative thoughts, or even depression, but there is a simple solution to this problem. 

According to a study ran by the Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care, taking a walk in nature can give you a boost in cognitive function. In their terms, walking in nature lets our brains ”relax and enter a state of contemplativeness that helps to restore or refresh those cognitive capacities.”  

Even though more people are going out and getting vaccinated, it is still necessary to try to limit exposure to unnecessary entities. Whenever you feel the need to go outside and get some fresh air, make sure to always bring your mask. If no one is around you, feel free to enjoy the outdoors without a mask, but if you happen to pass a person, it is safer to wear one. While wearing a mask, you should remember to stay 6 feet away from any person that you don’t live with. This extra precaution will further protect you from exposure to the disease. If you are confused on what the CDC recommends, then you can look at the chart below. 

If you have chronic diseases or illnesses, make sure to stock up on prescription and non-prescription medications. This will limit your need to go out and buy more. The CDC recommends talking to a healthcare provider, insurer, and pharmacist about getting extra prescription medications. 

If you have any worries about your health, feel free to contact us and schedule an appointment at the bottom of this page. We are able to see you over the phone or in person at your home.